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The Basics: Map of Peru and Initial Common Questions

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As I further talk about different things to do, tips, or news, thought would be helpful to have a map of Peru handy for your reference — particularly if you are not Peruvian and/or not familiar with it. Click here for an easy-to-see map.

Peru is comprised of 24 departments (similar to America’s 50 states) and its neighbor countries include Ecuador and Colombia on the North, Brazil on the East, Bolivia on the South East, Chile on the South, and the Pacific Ocean on the West.

The country is divided into three main regions: the Coast, the Highlands (Andes Mountains), and the Jungle (Amazon). Each of these regions have several types of landscape which explains the many different weathers available in Peru as mentioned on my earlier post.

And click here to access a great website in English if you’d like to learn more about its population, geography, languages, etc. This site should be more accurate than Wikipedia given it is developed by PromPeru, an organization who’s mission is to support tourists.

Here are a few initial questions you might be wondering about if you have never been to Peru:

  • So where’s Macchu Pichu on the map? It is located in the South East of Peru in the department of Cuzco.
  • And where is the city “Pisco” from which the pisco was named after? It is located in the South of Lima in the Coast region in the department of Ica.
  • Where is the ceviche from? It is mainly from the Coast region including all the departments with access to the Pacific Ocean where fresh fish is caught to make the ceviche from.

If you have more questions, send them over to me and I’d be happy to help you out.

Written by Catherine Castro

December 23, 2008 at 2:28 am

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