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Google Bets in Latin America Despite US Crisis; Google Survey Shows Peru’s Main Access to the Internet Via Cabins

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googleGoogle’s head for Latin America Alexandre Hohagen expressed his optimism in Latin America despite the US (and global) economic crisis, according to a Reuters Latin America article.

Also, and in line with my post on Peruvian kids being the biggest users of Internet cabins in Latin America, Google also just released a survey conducted by Pyramid Research stating Peru is the #1 country in Latin America where Internet users prefer accessing the Web from cabins as opposed to doing it from home, as El Comercio newspaper reports. Another interesting statistic from this survey is that Peru is in third place (lead by Ecuador and Uruguay) where Internet users are not too much into using online banking.

The survey also reveals that online advertising in Latin America will grow 5-fold to reach $2.6 billion in 2013. Which means Latin America will represent 9% of the world’s online advertising market versus current 2%.

Written by Catherine Castro

December 10, 2008 at 10:27 am