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Former Aston Villa and Newcastle Soccer Winger Nolberto Solano Is Back in Peru

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4886567If you are a European soccer fan, most likely you’ve heard of Nolberto Solano. The 34-year-old former Aston Villa, Newcastle and West Ham winger is leaving Greek club Larissa to go back to Peru and join one of its largest soccer teams “Universitario”, as ESPN reports. Universitario is one of the “classic” soccer teams in Peru.

Solano is finally landing in Peru today Sunday after waiting for his contract to be finalized and after dealing with flight delays due to weather conditions. Solano expects to play for two years in Universitario, then will end up his soccer career as a player, and perhaps begin as a trainer in Argentina.

If you are planning a trip to Peru or other South American countries, you might want to consider tracking the 50th edition of the Copa Libertadores regional championship which is scheduled to begin on January 27 and will last til April, and check out Solano playing with the Universitario team.

Written by Catherine Castro

January 11, 2009 at 1:38 pm

Machu Picchu Continued Capturing Presidents and Celebrities’ Attention in 2008, including The Simpsons and South Park

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mpicchu1Throughout 2008, Machu Picchu and the neighboring city of Cusco has welcomed several celebrities, royalty personalities, and sports stars, as El Comercio reports, including:

  • Alicia Keys: received the 2008 year in Cusco and then visited the archaeological site. Click here to watch her appearance in the Letterman show talking about her visit.
  • Jenna Bush: visited Cusco and Machu Picchu on January, and also stopped by the Andean communities in Paucartambo, nearby Cusco, as part of her Unicef agenda in favor of local poor children. Click here to watch a raw Associated Press video of her visit.
  • Marguerite of Borbon, Infant of Spain: visited Cusco in April and enjoyed a show with Peruvian folkloric and flamenco music before heading by train to Machu Picchu. Despite her blindness since birth, she very much enjoyed it from the windows of the train.
  • Canadian singer and composer Bryan Adams arrived to Cusco following his concert in Lima in a private plane, and then headed to Machu Picchu in a helicopter.
  • Several Presidents from around the world and political personalities visited Machu Picchu around the Latin American, Caribbean and European Union (ALC-UE) Summit and the Asian Pacific (APEC) Forum between May and November, including the Foreign Affairs and External Affairs Commissioner of the European Commission Benita Ferrero-Waldner; the President of the same organization José Manuel Barroso; the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk, the President of Guatemala Álvaro Colom; the Chancellor of Slovakia Jan Kubis; the Chancellor of Hungary Kinga Goncz;  and the wife of the Executive Chair of the region of Hong Kong Selina Tsang Pou Siu-mei.
  • The goalie and captain of the Spanish soccer team Iker Casillas visited Machu Picchu in July accompanied with a group of children that the sports star supports through an NGO. Together with the former Spanish soccer star Emilio Butragueño, they visited Patabamba to visit children in that community.

And if you are a fan of The Simpsons and South Park, you might recall they “visited” Macchu Pichu in an episode where all the members of the Simpsons family end up at the archaeological site following one of Bart’s adventures, and the characters of South Park visit as they fight against an attack of “giant guinea pigs”.

Click here to watch a YouTube video with The Simpsons episode, and click here to watch the South Park episode.

In 2007, actresses Olivia Newton John and Cameron Diaz (click here to check out her visit while taping for the 4REAL show from my earlier post), the multimillionaire Bill Gates (click here for a video of him attending the Inti Raymi, the most important ancient ceremony praising the Sun), the Princess of England Beatrice, and the actors Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson.

It has certainly been quite a busy city in 2008!

American Football? Sheesh, not a Clue. Soccer? Our Life!

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If there is something that Peruvians most likely will never understand (or better said, will never care about learning) is American Football. I guess we keep ourselves too busy tracking soccer around the world to think about learning about a new sport. Not to underestimate or not appreciate the American sport, but soccer is in our blood, we grow up with it since we are very little. It touches our heart. Alianza Lima (with colors blue and white) and Universitario (yellow beige) are the two “classic” teams and big rivals regardless of time.

Even myself being a girl while I was in Peru I would go to the soccer games in Matute (home of Alianza Lima), the National Stadium (Estadio Nacional), or for a few times when it was just built the Monumental Stadium (Estadio Monumental, home of Universitario). I was the girl sitting, waving, jumping, singing, or whatever made sense at the stadium on the Western side with my family, or my dad at the minimum. And as a fan for Alianza Lima, I still remember the songs you’d scream to cheer up the team. The group of really huge fans (largely guys) will be in the South side of the stadium called “Trinchera Sur” or as we say in Alianza “Comando Sur”.

Every time I go back to Peru, I try to go to a game where Alianza is playing, and if it is a “classic” game, even better! Arriba Alianza!

Today, for instance, a “classic” game took place in Matute and sadly Alianza lost 2-1 to Universitario, but we are still fighting to get in a good position in the second half of the year games called “Clausura”. With this win, Universitario can still hope to get the #7 position in the chart. Here is the story from the biggest publication in Peru, El Comercio (it’s in Spanish though but if you’d like to check out the video).

This game will be available on Monday, December 1 via Fox Sports at 7:30 pm if you’d like to check it out!

Written by Catherine Castro

November 29, 2008 at 7:49 pm