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American Football? Sheesh, not a Clue. Soccer? Our Life!

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If there is something that Peruvians most likely will never understand (or better said, will never care about learning) is American Football. I guess we keep ourselves too busy tracking soccer around the world to think about learning about a new sport. Not to underestimate or not appreciate the American sport, but soccer is in our blood, we grow up with it since we are very little. It touches our heart. Alianza Lima (with colors blue and white) and Universitario (yellow beige) are the two “classic” teams and big rivals regardless of time.

Even myself being a girl while I was in Peru I would go to the soccer games in Matute (home of Alianza Lima), the National Stadium (Estadio Nacional), or for a few times when it was just built the Monumental Stadium (Estadio Monumental, home of Universitario). I was the girl sitting, waving, jumping, singing, or whatever made sense at the stadium on the Western side with my family, or my dad at the minimum. And as a fan for Alianza Lima, I still remember the songs you’d scream to cheer up the team. The group of really huge fans (largely guys) will be in the South side of the stadium called “Trinchera Sur” or as we say in Alianza “Comando Sur”.

Every time I go back to Peru, I try to go to a game where Alianza is playing, and if it is a “classic” game, even better! Arriba Alianza!

Today, for instance, a “classic” game took place in Matute and sadly Alianza lost 2-1 to Universitario, but we are still fighting to get in a good position in the second half of the year games called “Clausura”. With this win, Universitario can still hope to get the #7 position in the chart. Here is the story from the biggest publication in Peru, El Comercio (it’s in Spanish though but if you’d like to check out the video).

This game will be available on Monday, December 1 via Fox Sports at 7:30 pm if you’d like to check it out!

Written by Catherine Castro

November 29, 2008 at 7:49 pm