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lared and Fulbright Commission in Peru Sign Agreement to Benefit Young Peruvians via Scholarships to Learn English for Free

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One of my favorite things is to work to benefit Peruvians with limited resources who cannot afford to have the education that I was able to get since my early years. I have always believed that education is certainly a critical factor that needs immediate attention in order to fight poverty, hunger, quality of life, and establish strong values to young Peruvians.


Through this post, I am delighted to share great news that will benefit many young Peruvians with limited economic resources in several provinces of Peru. A not-for-profit group of young professionals living abroad to which I belong, lared, has just announced an agreement with the Fulbright Commission in Peru to manage and assign the funds we generate through different events and activities for educational scholarships to study English.


Although in Spanish, here is a link in Fulbright’s website already promoting and calling applicants.

Written by Catherine Castro

February 3, 2009 at 11:42 am

3D Tech: An Innovation Bet Among Young Peruvians

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It is said that one of the characteristics of Peruvians is their strong sense in being creative and innovative, particularly if you are in need to make progress in life and even more so if you are young and have all that energy to learn and grow.

Given limited funding, Young Peruvian professionals are betting on 3D technologies to show their work on applying 3D design technologies for different verticals, including shoe design, vehicle motor designs, and even car design — without the need to actually create them physically.

As the magazine states, this is what Master Group Perú (MGP), a local insitution in Peru’s capital city, is trying to promote.

That’s a great way to not only generate innovation in Peru among the young audience, but also make them participants to address the need of countries to generate and remain innovative in today’s global competitive market.

Written by Catherine Castro

November 29, 2008 at 11:16 am

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